littlebow – Three

littlebow / Three

Recently I joined forces with the talented Keiron Phelan and Katie English to make littlebow into cialis 20mg a trio for its third album Three. The album is out on 30th August on the Rural Colours imprint.

“littlebow takes seemingly simple musical patterns and makes them into something truly magical. Unclassifiable” For The Rabbits

“A stirring and refreshingly adventurous collection” Textura

“Extraordinarily gorgeous music. One of this year’s very best albums. 9/10” Norman Records

“Unusual and beautiful pop music. Interrogating the very idea of happiness as opposed to simply trying to evoke it” The Underground of Happiness

“Like a rural Faust jamming with Joanna Newsom. One of the most innovative and unclassifiable groups around” The Third Ear

“A lushly toned in mood vintage whose creative nose navigates the furrows and hedge lines of forgotten English summers” God is in the TV

“Never reached its potential in comparison with someone like Delius” NE:MM